Renee C. 6/22/2016
Found this groomer by accident but from a recommendation by a stranger I met in the Healthy Pet Pantry which is nearby. Boy was I glad -- and very impressed. Yuki is the most skilled groomer I've ever used and her talents are obviously above most. For the first time EVER, I didn't have a groomer tell me that the only solution for my pooch (Bijon/Maltese/whatever mix)was a complete shave. Yes, sometimes I get behind in the regular grooming of my furry little ones but I was pleasantly surprised when Yuki said no problem -- and it wouldn't be uncomfortable or painful for my pup. Result? Amazing and I could tell from my dog's behavior that it had been a gentle experience. Don't know how she does it but she's a pro. Happy Dog, Happy Pack Leader :-) I highly endorse Happy Paws!

Joanne S. 5/23/2016
Yuki is AMAZING!!! I have a big full breed husky who is pretty hard to handle at times and every time I'd take him to get groomed, no one was able to do it. I took him to yuki and I swear she's a dog whisperer haha. My dog max loved her and he came out looking great. No where else I'd take max.

Mitsuki C. 5/9/2016
Yuki is one of the most best groomers in San Diego! Not only does she groom dogs but she grooms cats too! I highly recommend that you take your pup or cat to her she treats them with unconditional love & makes sure that they are comfortable while getting groomed. Not only does she deserve 5 stars but her skills do too!

Diana K. 6/2/2016
Yuki is the best. She did wonderful job grooming my mom's dog. She is so nice and really cares about dogs.

Edie T. 6/1/2016
Yuki is so good with my dogs. I have a dog named Teddy that does not like strangers and is a biter. Yuki is so patient and good with him. He loves her. She does such and good job with all of my dogs. They look so beautiful when I pick them up. I would recommend her to anyone.

Lily P. 5/22/2016
Bella all pretty after grooming at Happy Paws Grooming!

Lori C. 5/17/2016
I have been taking my Jack Russell, Jackson, to Yuki for about 4 years. He is really picky about anyone touching his paws but Yuki has such patience with him and a special touch that he lets her. No one has made him look so cute with the style cut that she does, she is a very talented groomer. Jackson is NEVER nervous when he comes home because he doesn't stress out when he's getting groomed. Yuki has a very good energy about her and is very professional!

Exec C. 5/8/2016
Our ragdoll cat LOVES Yuki! Wonderful, loving attention from a groomer is important... And he looks great too! Not all groomers work well with cats - Yuki took the time to bond with our cat, and he loves her! Personal and Loving!!

Happy Paws Grooming Photos